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Sound blessing for me to breezetransmission, whereas caring for the occasional water I placed, although notoften rode together, but it always about you.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a long epic willnever be long estrogen; The family is an immortal flame burning forever foreverwarmth; Love is an altar wine too warm, never indulging fans forever!


An inter-mining Mingyue for your viewing, weave a cool autumn youcovered, as appropriate pieces of glass Moon Palace drunken your heart, and doa blessing Zhong Yuan your dreams.


2014 is a full moon night, on three-under for you to: a child todream of a round like, two days more than willing to sweet cakes, like beautyto three months cents.


The most beautiful holiday, you want tosend a special blessing.


Try to find the most beautiful message, Idid not do.


One of the most simple: a happy Mid-AutumnFestival!


I carefully done two cakes, one gave you,wish you happy holidays and all the best, youthful beauty, gave himself ablessed I know you.



Sound blessing for me to breezetransmission, whereas caring for the occasional water I placed, although notoften rode together, but it always about you.


I wish your career and life as it phases ofthe Mid-Autumn Festival, bright bright, festive!


You will know tomorrow will be omnipresentSMS surrounded the outset let me wise blessing over high-rise buildings acrossthe mountains through the streets, and passed the old lady selling tea, intoyour ear: a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


The traditional festival, we will always bea very traditional kind of desire: a regular flower, Yuan, Chang, who often ...happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


God said: the so-called happiness, there isa thankful heart, a healthy body, the work of a Heart, a love you, a trustedfriend to help, when you received this information, all subsequent owners!


I wisha happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Rolling rolling rolling rolling rollingrolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rollingrolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling hotblessing given to you, a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, and family happiness!


The Ministry of Health issued a circular,all at home there will be turned over to the state treasury of the cakes,turned over to the state treasury pay my house also, the future not be allowedto breach drying moon!


I please a mosquito looking for the mostlovable you, it will tell you I want you, and ask it for me Truth betweenkindsfold you, as it will for me to send you a lot of red envelopes. I hope Iwas the first one you wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


August is not altogether gifts ClockworkSMS bless you, healthy and happy longer with you, good luck and you are notisolated, there let me tell you, the God of Wealth already follow you.


Like the moon, you my possession; Into thesweet cakes, blessed with a heart, I hope you live every day like the moon 15as a success.


The Mid-Autumn Festival, no longer pin, butsent sentence, as a clay: At this point do not hear each other, China iswilling to monthly flow Zhao Jun.


Sijie Haoyue every night, Zhi shared twohands linked, love passionately concentrated sweet like honey, the AoQingfengdian things come.


By Jun associated with the lack of a fullmoon to share this point of time!


Meanwhile, the yearning season, I will besincere and best wishes to concentrate messages with care and thought With theairwaves towards you.


Autumn setting pegged the horizon, a rebelhearts miss Tim; Lonely Chang'e air time dance Antimasque anyone sit back; ICurative days I can form a thousand miles can also Chan.


On a night, the night you and me, you justgently Road to the sound of my Beauty wish you happy holidays!


Regardless In many, regardless of gatheringand leave all those blessings forever linked in my mind, I wish you all everybeautiful!


2014 Mid-Autumn went to far in my home,only one conviction in mind - I wish the pro-family well-being of the peopleforever!


Sze times during the festive season, I wantto say, no matter where I was, whether I am in where my heart is with youforever!

心跳要听到思念要想到 祝福要心到 爱要说到 礼要做到 心要得到

Yearning to hear heartbeats to think ofblessings to go To say that love to be at the heart should be


I will tell you the phone numbers of astranger, he is joking that he would help to the Mid-Autumn full moon night, Itell you; I thought you, I am your mind, heart, I wish you a happy Mid-AutumnFestival!


You cakes I stuffing, smell the meeting;You are my kite is the line, recovery being chased by you; You Mingyue ISprings, menu 10,000 years!


The long-simmering creativity to the autumnwind, to the interpretation of its Acacia melody; Alice hope to reunite thehearts leap in space, the Moon Palace osmanthus trees to Syria under an eternaltheme.


I wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes to remember that I left block Oh!